Some amazing things have been happening lately for Dara and I.

We have been raising our salary for the past year and a half. No guaranteed paychecks. It’s been amazing, though, to see how God has opened doors for us to be able to attend things that help us to learn and grow in spite of not being able to afford to go. Here’s one example:

Several months ago, Dara felt quite strongly that we were supposed to attend the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. It sounded amazing, but the price tag was would have been around $400 just for registration. Through a very random course of events, it turns out that the leadership of Catalyst heard about our story. They extended an offer for us to apply for a very limited number of scholarships they distribute for the event each year. We applied and they selected us for this scholarship. Amazing.

We ended up getting a free place to stay (thanks Clark & Salina!) and made it to Catalyst for the cost of gas and food. Amazing.

During the first session on the first day, I got a text message from my friend, Ken Peckett. He said that he had extra tickets for Dara and I to head up to the luxury suites that the Church Multiplication Network had for the event. Amazing.

So here we are, Dara and I, at an event that we could not afford to attend, sitting in leather chairs, eating and drinking unlimited drinks and snacks with a perfect view of the conference Dara felt God tell her that we were supposed to attend. Amazing.

We may not have a lot of money right now. Things may be tight and challenging. But our God knows how to bless us. Thanks, Catalyst. Thanks, Clark and Salina. Thanks, Ken. Thanks for responding to God’s prompting with a heart of generosity.