So I was really challenged tonight in my devotion time (yes…night…not morning) by a quote from Matthew Henry. Chew on this and see if you can digest his response to Nehemiah 8 (specifically the verses surrounding verse 13):

The more we converse with the word of God, if we rightly understand it and be affected with it, the more we shall covet to converse with it, and to increase in our acquaintance with it, saying, How sweet are thy words unto my mouth! Those that understand the scriptures well will still be desirous to understand them better.

Stop and think about that for a moment. How many of us, if we’re honest, actually covet our time with God? How many of us converse with Scripture. This quote says that those who understand the scriptures well will only grow in their desire to know them more.

Honest moment: I’m not the world’s most consistent with my “conversing with Scriptures”. Oh…I love to read the Bible…but actually sitting and conversing…not as consistent.

Another honest moment: I love “conversing with Scriptures”. I am really big into journaling. Now…I go through hot and cold times with this (like 99.9% of the world, I assume). However…the moments that I choose to sit with a Scripture for a long time…read and re-read. Chew on and digest. That’s the time that clarity comes. That’s the times that I see things that were before “mysterious” to me in Scripture.

I love the Bible. I love writing. I love what comes out when I start typing out my thoughts. That’s why I love journaling. That’s why I love to write my thoughts out on this blog. I love searching deep within my spirit to see what comes up from the deep of who I am. Call it self discovery. Call it soul searching. I simply love it…

Thank you, Lord, for the ability to read, digest and express through writing.