I flew into Charlotte on Tuesday afternoon. My main objective for this trip was to find a place for us to live. With so many odds stacked against us in the natural, we knew that there had to be a miracle involved in this process. We still have our mortgage to pay on our condo that is yet to sell in Orlando, HOWEVER, we have felt that God told us to come up on June 16th. On top of our timeframe, we only had around $500/month to spend on a rental and we wanted to do a month to month lease.

I drove around Charlotte for two days trying to find a place to live. So frustrating at times, but I just continued to pray. We had the help of so many as phone calls were going out all over Charlotte on our behalf. After two full days of dead ends, God opened an amazing door tonight that I have to give God ALL the glory on this blog.

Mike (our lead pastor at Hope) was having dinner with a man tonight that had remodeled a 3 bedroom home just north of Charlotte. He offered for Dara and I to stay in the house on a month to month basis. Did I mention the price?


God – I take this moment to give you all praise and all glory for all to see. You provide for us so very well. You are so good to us and we can trust you with every detail of our lives. Thank you for blessing my family. Thank you for encouraging others through this miracle. You are SO very faithful.

I am amazed 🙂