I am heading to bed tonight praying for our neighbors. If you are our neighbor, that means I am praying for you.

We just sent out a postcard to our community. Maybe you received it and found your way to this blog. The postcard was simply a handwritten note that said that we’d love to meet you. And I genuinely mean that.

I am praying that you find satisfaction in your heart for every longing. I am praying that questions are answered. I am praying that brokenness is replaced with healing. And I believe that all of these things are found in relationship with Jesus.

I am praying that if you have been searching for a church home, or if you are simply searching in general, that you would consider joining us at Center City Church this week or in the weeks to come. Or at the very least visiting our website to see a digital glimpse of who we are and what we believe.

I am heading to bed tonight praying for our neighbors. I love you, believe in you and pray for you regularly. Even if we’ve never met.

Hope to see you soon.

**Here’s a look at the postcard that we sent out. Our goal was to match the beauty and simplicity of what God has formed at Center City Church.