The dream has been in our hearts since October, 2007. That’s when we first started to dream about opening a coffeehouse/venue that would be for the community, used by the community seven days a week. Amazing, award-winning espresso beverages combined with a top flight multi-use venue in Uptown Charlotte.

We have taken countless practical steps to prepare for the day that God would open the doors for us to be able to realize this dream. Five year business plan. Check. Desired coffee roaster. Check. Hundreds of hours of prayer. Check. Incredible doors open that can only be explained by the favor of God. Check.

God placed this dream in our heart. That is a fact. But it has also been combined with an incredible amount of planning and hard work. So many people have come alongside us to help us see this accomplished.

It will take nothing short of several miracles for us to push through the final stages of seeing this come to pass. But God is in the miracle business. We are actively praying for a coffeehouse/venue in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. We believe that there is funding that will come from unexpected sources. This is God’s dream, not our own. And he knows how to fund his vision.

We have a huge dream. And we believe that God is on top of the details. We are working as hard as we know how to continue to take steps forward. But there comes a certain point where hard work and perspiration meet the divine timing of God. And that is when the miracle will come to pass. Hard work produces appreciation. And hard work is what we will continue to put in until we serve our first latte to the community and host our first event.

A coffeehouse/venue in Uptown Charlotte. It’s coming soon.

I can see it. Can you?