We just got back from the doctor and we’re having a BOY! So excited!!! 3 boys. 1 girl to spoil for the rest of her life.

Speaking of that girl…

Mary and Max have been bickering back and forth for the last couple of months. Max wants a brother, Mary wants a sister. Mary went with us to the ultrasound today and when she found out we’re having a boy, she started crying and said “I don’t want a baby brother I want a baby SISTER!!!” She literally cried her broken-hearted little eyes out for the rest of the appoinment. We proceeded to tell her that we’d buy her a toy and she stopped crying.

I think she’ll adjust to being the only girl 🙂

SO EXCITED!!!! His name?

Benjamin Daniel Docusen. We’ll call him Ben.

– Max, Mary, Jack & Ben’s Dad