I am reading through 2 Kings right now and it is so very interesting to me. The main thread is that the kings who honored God were blessed. The kings who disobeyed God’s clear instructions lived in unrest and turmoil. It seems so simple when we read it as an observer. JUST FOLLOW GOD!

However, I think it is simply human nature to want to go our own way. I feel it every single day. I think the kings that honored God had the same temptations, but a different decision. They chose to honor God.

My choice today, and every day, is to honor God or go my own way. I feel like God is letting me see the end result of some very bad choices of the kings that chose their own way. May my heart be open to see the error of my own way. May I daily choose to honor God in all that I do. My life will be better off because of this choice.