A couple came up to me tonight and handed me $121. Such a precise number. They said that God put it on their heart to give every last dollar they had on them. $121.

This is such an amazing example of obedience. This is also the way that God provides for people like Dara and I. As long as people are open and willing to respond to God when he leads them, his plans and purposes can be accomplished.

I have begged God at times to just let me go out and get a job to provide for my family. All along, he reminds me that I am not the one that provides for my family – HE IS. Over and over again, I feel this overwhelming directive to stay the course. Continue to have faith and believe. Continue to work hard at Hope. I am continually amazed at how many people God has used to invest into our life. He continues to provide through amazing people every month.

Thank God for a precise gift tonight. It will all add up to precisely enough by the end of the month. Again.