“I’m willing to host the group at my house if you’ll do the video to help us explore Neighborliness.” Our friend, Julie, continued, “The conversations are so important and it would be helpful to have you starting the conversations for our group and giving practical tips on how to discuss engaging our neighbors across dividing lines.”

Julie, our team heard you and others that have requested the same thing loud and clear, and I’m so excited to launch The Neighborliness Video Group Study today.

The Neighborliness Video Group Study is designed for your church small group, leadership team, or group of friends. All you need is a facilitator and a place to meet. Simply hit play and I will lead your group in a one hour discussion about various topics from my book, Neighborliness.

We are launching the first 100 groups for the Neighborliness Video Group Study for FREE. This includes training and a forum for leaders to discuss what they are learning from other facilitators around the world. I will be sending out details about the training in the next week to everyone that registers.

Our culture is in need of healing across dividing lines and this group points straight to Jesus and his love.

Register FREE at www.neighborliness.com.