One More Year … Can You Help?

One More Year … Can You Help?

Can you help us get through one more year?

We have a picture hanging in our living room of an abstract city skyline. We found it at the Salvation Army on Central Avenue in Charlotte, NC a few years ago. Dara and I were drawn to it because we were sensing God calling us into a season where we would work with pastors and community leaders across the world through preaching, teaching, and writing. Every time I look at it, I think of cities around the world that can be impacted by Jesus if we continue to do our part to spread the message of his life and love. 

Fast forward a few years, and we have had the privilege of seeing the message of Neighborliness spread all over the world:

  • Resources connected to our ministry are being used in all fifty states and in over 20 countries around the world.
  • In the past three months, over fifteen million people have been exposed to the message of Neighborliness through TV, magazines, podcasts, and online interactions.
  • Neighborliness has hit #1 in four separate categories on Amazon since its’ release in March 2022.
  • Our family has traveled to 31 states sharing the message of Neighborliness.
  • We have partnered with a local school (more details to come soon) to create the first physical location for The Neighborliness Center. This will be a community center for youth and families that includes a gym, after-school/summer programming for kids, and an affordable healthcare clinic for neighbors. The Neighborliness Center will focus on research, policy advocacy, and designing frameworks for churches, businesses, and nonprofits to engage their communities across dividing lines.
  • The interview on Good Morning America (GMA3) has led to conversations with ministry leaders across the world that have reached out to partner to develop resources for their leaders. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INTERVIEW

We can see the path forward toward financial sustainability, but the reality is that we are still raising our salary every month to continue doing this full-time. God has been so faithful, but we are living on the razor’s edge as we see this message spread across the world. 

We have partnered with National Christian Foundation –  the largest Christian foundation in the world – to create a ministry fund + help us develop our ability to accept gifts of various kinds (cash, stocks, real estate, etc). We are asking friends and family to consider a donation to help us raise our salary + ministry expenses for one more year.

Dara and I would be so grateful if you would prayerfully consider a gift toward helping us bridge the gap and get through this in-between season of waiting for the finances to catch up to the impact the message is having around the world.

Tax-deductible contributions can be distributed to our fund at NCF at the information below. If you have questions about structuring a gift via stocks, real estate, or another asset, you can contact Shelley Moreau at National Christian Foundation to explore options ( 


The Docusen Group (NCF Giving ID: #4258101)
Docusen Ministries EIN: 85-0592535
Interesting information I have learned since partnering with NCF:
  • 90% of wealth is in complex assests (land, real estate, stocks, bonds, private businesses, etc). Only 10% of wealth is in the form of cash.
  • 80% of gifts given to ministries are in the form of cash. This means that 80% of support for ministries is coming from 10% of wealth in the country. This means that the majority of wealth in the USA goes untouched and unused for kingdom-impact.
  • NCF exists to help donors structure gifts in a way that helps them realize the best tax-benefit while supporting ministries that are meaningful to their family.


The Docusen Group (NCF Giving ID: #4258101)
Docusen Ministries EIN: 85-0592535
Neighborliness Video Group Study – FREE Registration for the First 100 Groups

Neighborliness Video Group Study – FREE Registration for the First 100 Groups

“I’m willing to host the group at my house if you’ll do the video to help us explore Neighborliness.” Our friend, Julie, continued, “The conversations are so important and it would be helpful to have you starting the conversations for our group and giving practical tips on how to discuss engaging our neighbors across dividing lines.”

Julie, our team heard you and others that have requested the same thing loud and clear, and I’m so excited to launch The Neighborliness Video Group Study today.

The Neighborliness Video Group Study is designed for your church small group, leadership team, or group of friends. All you need is a facilitator and a place to meet. Simply hit play and I will lead your group in a one hour discussion about various topics from my book, Neighborliness.

We are launching the first 100 groups for the Neighborliness Video Group Study for FREE. This includes training and a forum for leaders to discuss what they are learning from other facilitators around the world. I will be sending out details about the training in the next week to everyone that registers.

Our culture is in need of healing across dividing lines and this group points straight to Jesus and his love.

Register FREE at

Good Morning America Tomorrow (Time & Viewing Options)

Good Morning America Tomorrow (Time & Viewing Options)

“I don’t want to make you nervous,” Courtney (producer at GMA3) said to me, “but four million people will be watching this interview.” We both laughed. “Honestly,” I replied, “I’m not super nervous, I’m just ready to share this message that burns so deep in my heart to see our culture unified across dividing lines.” I might be nervous tomorrow … but today I’m just grateful and ready.

It’s still so surreal that this is happening. We adapted the content of the interview on this call because of the mass shooting & tragic loss of life in Buffalo. Courtney asked me if it would be ok if they start the interview asking how we can heal as a nation in light of so much division and violence. I told her that my answer would include pointing directly to Jesus. She said that’s just fine.

I’m grateful for so many who have been praying alongside us. God has opened this door and I’m excited to walk through it.


Good Morning America recently added a third segment to their show called GMA3. They told me that my interview will be on during the segment called Faith Friday. The interview will be recorded in-studio with the hosts at 10am and this segment airs at 1pm EST/12pm PST, but timing could be different in your time zone, so check your local listings.

You can also view the re-broadcast of the interview at

Thanks for praying alongside us … all glory to God for what he’s done and will do with this opportunity.



Neighborliness on Good Morning America – Date Confirmed

Neighborliness on Good Morning America – Date Confirmed

Friends & fam … we are confirmed for a live interview on ABC from Times Square on May 20. This message continues to spread in ways that are beyond my imagination. Let’s pray that Jesus shines through so that people can see his beauty.
Thanks to all that have supported this message and our ministry. I’ve included an overview below to show various ways that God is opening doors for us to share the message across the world.
Praise God.
Here’s some of the things that I’m up to …  teaching and training for pastors, church planters, churches, universities organizations, etc. If there’s any way I can serve your community, I would love the opportunity.
  • Neighborliness Seminar
    • An evening session + three next day sessions exploring and being introduced to Neighborliness.
  • Neighborliness in Your Church Guide
    • A practical guide to exploring to preparing a congregation to explore the spirit of Neighborliness over a six week sermon series, small groups, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Small Group Leader Training
    • A session on how to lead groups that explore racial, economic, and biblical justice.
  • Corporate Prayer Guide
    • How to lead the church through prayer toward neighborliness.
  • Lament Service Outline
    • How to prepare/plan for an interactive lament service … and why these are necessary and beautiful.
  • Corporate Action Plan
    • A six-month learning journey (that I can teach the students) that will lead to further understanding of cultural issues, create practical plans for engagement in the community, develop a statement of justice, etc. for the church family.
Conference breakout session examples:

Neighborliness – #1 New Release on Amazon

Neighborliness – #1 New Release on Amazon

Friends & fam –

Quick update from an amazing week … Neighborliness hit number one in three different categories on Amazon this week for new releases and climbed all the way into the top six of all books in two different categories … praise God!

Quick request for your help …

  • Post about the book on your social media. Commenting and sharing things about the book helps keep it in people’s feed, as well.
  • Write a review on Amazon or (or wherever you bought your copy).
  • Tag me and use all the hashtags you can dream up (this actually helps) 

The more traction we get from online interaction, the more my publisher will keep investing into the marketing of the book … so it really helps to have online stuff happening. This is pure hustle mode to see this message go far and wide … and we really appreciate your help.

Lots of love and gratitude!! Here’s a handful of pics to choose from (or you can use your own).


David & Dara