PODCAST: Working Title

Posted on May 29, 2019


I had the privilege of sitting down with Joseph Phillips and Steve Witherup and discussing seasons of vocational change on their podcast, Working Title. They navigate the topic of vocation and why people do what they do. In a unique twist, they asked me to talk about my transition out of something I love and stepping into the unknown.

Dara (my wife) and I started Center City Church in our living room ten years ago, and we just announced that we will be stepping down on June 30, 2019. This interview was recorded before this was public knowledge, and just after our board of directors selected the primary candidate that will be presented to our church as the next pastor.

This is an incredibly wide-ranging, raw, honest, and beautiful conversation between friends. I’m so grateful to have captured this moment on this podcast. I will listen back over and over again as the weeks turn into years… there’s just something really sweet about trying to follow God into unknown seasons and taking big steps of faith.

I love these guys, and I love this podcast (not just the episode with me in it… all of it). I hope you’ll download and subscribe.



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