Lent 2015 – What is it and why do we participate?

Posted on February 18, 2015


Lent is a season of time leading up to Easter (forty days) that helps us focus our attention on God. Accompanying this season of reflection and prayer is the practice of fasting. I highly recommend some sort of a fast multiple times per year. Even if you read this at a later date, please remember that it’s never too late to incorporate practices that will join your hearts with many others, and fix your attention on God. 

Many times, people mistakenly assume that fasting is simply going without food. Not true. You can fast anything that will draw your attention to God consistently. You can fast one meal a day, coffee (!!), candy, television, radio, social media, etc. The idea is to give up something that is a normal part of your routine, and replace that time with prayer and reflection toward God.

What is something that you can give up between now and Easter? Sundays aren’t included in the fast, by the way. So what can you give up on Monday-Saturday that will help you remember to allow God into your normal, daily routine. This can be a life altering season as you replace something simple in your daily life with prayer.

On another note, one of the greatest aspects of Lent is that it joins your heart with many others around the world that are also incorporating this season of fasting into their life. There is something so powerful about being connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Also, and this is a really important also, please remember that this is not a legalistic thing. This is your choice…something that you choose to do because you want to focus your heart on God, allowing the anticipation to rise in your spirit to celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. You can choose at any point to NOT do this. However, I’ve found that it is incredibly formative to fix your attention on God by committing to seasons of fasting, and then doing your best to see it through.

If you want some more information on Lent or fasting in general, email info@centercitychurch.net, and we will send along some more resources!

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