Not Just Kids…Families. (Part-time position available at Center City Church)

Posted on July 12, 2014


We are taking yet another step of faith at Center City ChurchWe are hiring a part-time Family Ministry Coordinator.

The title of this position is very intentional. It’s not just about doing fun stuff for kids on Sunday mornings. It’s about teaching and discipling parents to love and invest into their kids well. Sure, this position will start off small. Every great thing starts that way, right? We will start off by offering a part-time, two-days-per-week position. One day for prep and then Sundays. But here’s the best part…as the ministry grows, so will the position.

We are looking for someone that is willing to grow with this position. We aren’t looking for a superstar that tries do it all themselves. We operate as a team at Center City. We identify, train and release leaders from within our church family to lead. We’re looking for a leader that has vision for starting things that don’t exist. In the future, this position will oversee ministry areas including parents, babies/toddlers, and elementary/middle/high school students. For today, we just need someone that will bring excellence & creativity on Sunday mornings. As the ministry continues to grow, so does the job and the scope of ministry.

As of today, we’ve got around 25 kids on any given Sunday. In the past few months, we’ve had multiple families express interest in joining our church family once this area continues to progress. That’s what this is about. Planting seeds and watching them grow.

We want to hire someone that really gets the DNA of Center City Church. We exist to know God and make disciples at home and across the world. Disciple making starts at home. And we believe that there’s no more influential place for the Gospel to come to life than within the context of family.

Healthy families create a foundation for their children to stand upon. If you know someone (or maybe YOU are that someone) that shares this vision, please contact me. Email me at david(at)

I can’t wait to meet you. 

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