It’s Incredibly Annoying Doing Ministry in the City (Want to Join Us?)

Posted on October 26, 2013


I am praying pretty big prayers these days. And it might just be that I’m praying for you. I might not even know your name. Or, maybe I know your name and I don’t know that I’m praying for you, specifically. Confused yet?

I believe that God is calling people from all over the world (or across our city) to join us in Charlotte. We have a vision to impact the Uptown Charlotte community for Jesus. We are focused on the city. We love the city. We enjoy the city. We fight for the city.

Here’s the reality: the city is super annoying to try to do ministry. It’s crazy expensive to find venue spaces. Not to mention parking. That’s a tough one to figure out even when we do find a great venue. So why even try to bring Center City Church to life in the heart of the city?

Because Jesus loves the city. And because Uptown Charlotte is literally the greatest place on the planet (I acknowledging my passion-based bias). 

In our city you will find 15,000 people that live within walking distance of each other.
Over 250,000 people that come to work, literally stacked on top of each other.
World-wide events that gather 70,000+ at a time.
Niche restaurants that will make your mouth water.
Amazing coffee with baristas that care about what they are serving.
I could keep going…believe me…

Quite simply, someone has to go. Why not me? Why not you.

So, here’s my offer…

I don’t have any money for you. I don’t have any specific titles for you. But I do enjoy a great group of like-minded people that want to reach the city with the life, reality and love of Jesus. And we have a plan that will allow to introduce thousands of people to the message of Jesus in a way that feels pretty genuine.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a heart for Jesus, we welcome you.
If you’re an artist with a passion for your faith, we welcome you.
If you’re an IT consultant that believes that your job is your mission field, we welcome you.
If you’re a stay at home mom or dad, we welcome you.
If you’re a ___________ (insert your role here), we welcome you.
If you’re exploring matters of faith and don’t even believe all of this stuff I talk about, we welcome you. Your perspective is incredibly valued and important.

We could certainly use your help and your unique gifts (we can help you find those, too) would compliment our community well. We work together. We pray together. We believe together. We serve together. We explore matters of faith, family, career, calling and purpose together. We do all of this together for the benefit of our city and for the glory of God. 

I’m a big believer that the best way to change the world and bring a greater good to our communities is to introduce people to Jesus.  I believe we can do this in a way that’s incredibly genuine that brings life to everyone around us.

Want to join us? 

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