Every Dollar Counts

Posted on July 14, 2010


The journey of church planting has had so many ups and downs. The most incredible challenges Dara and I have ever faced have come during this season of life. And the most unforgettable, incredible and unbelievable moments of joy have come during this same season.

The season of fundraising to start Center City Church was one of the incredible challenges that we have walked through. This was a humbling and necessary season of life as God showed us that we could not do this on our own. We needed God’s incredible provision to simply survive. And his provision has come through the generosity of over one hundred friends, families, churches and organizations. Every person that gave has played a part in this story and has become a shareholder in this dream. It was during this season of fund raising that God taught me an incredible lesson:

Every dollar counts.

We had one family that invested $24,000 to see this dream come to life. And we also had a woman give us an envelope filled with three one dollar bills. Her note said, “David and Dara, I wanted to give all that I could to see your dream come true.” This woman lives in poverty like no one I have ever known. And her investment of three dollars felt just as incredible as the twenty-four thousand dollar gift.

Every dollar adds up to the exact amount that is necessary to achieve your God given dreams. Don’t discount giving or receiving a small or large gift of faith.

Every dollar counts.

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