Intruding Crying Baby

Posted on April 8, 2009


As if we don’t have enough kids that cry throughout the day in the Docusen home…

Dara and I were sitting in our living room tonight, the three older kids already down for bed and feeding Baby Ben his bottle before bed. All of a sudden we hear a little baby crying. We both look at Ben and he’s pretty content scarfing down his Similac Advanced formula. We then look over at our baby monitor and realize that our monitor is picking up some other crying baby in our neighborhood. Not cool.

I often call the screaming, crying, laughing, screaming and crying of my children the soundtrack of my life. It’s beautiful and crazy and chaotic and priceless. However, I should qualify that statement: MY children’s screaming, crying, laughing, screaming and crying is beautiful to me. I could do without the neighborhood addition to the madness 🙂

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