Brett Favre / Tampay Bay Bucs

Posted on August 9, 2008


I just need all to know that I still haven’t recovered from the events this past week with the Bucs flirtation with Brett Favre. Here’s what ticks me off about all this:

You don’t pass up a chance to get a hall of fame QB who just passed for 4,000+ yards and went 13-3 last season. And for what? A DRAFT PICK? Are you kidding me?

Everyone who knows me knows that I love the Bucs, but they are testing my metal as a fan right now. I absolutely do not like Jon Gruden (head coach) and Bruce Allen (General Manager). They are shifty people that I don’t trust. Players don’t like playing for them. Character is not a requirement to play on this team. Ugh…if only I didn’t care about sports this wouldn’t matter…

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