The Smile of God

Posted on March 17, 2008


I am beginning to realize that God’s smile takes on many different faces. Let me explain…

The sound system that we need to launch Hope Church should cost around $70,000. Mike was at a gathering of pastors and it turned out that another pastor had a system for sale. To make a long story short…we ended up getting our entire sound system, in-ear monitors, kids church equipment, travel cases, a trailer to haul everything in AND a brand new GRETSCH drum kit (complete with a full plexi-glass shield as to not melt everyone’s faces off with the volume). I’m not done…

FINAL PRICE: $24,000!!!

Amazing. Today…God’s smile came in the form of a trailer full of sound equipment specifically for Hope Church.

God knows what we are doing. He knows our needs. He loves us so much and shows us in so many different ways. I’m so glad I saw God smile on us today.

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