Sheep and Goats

Posted on February 29, 2008


Had an amazing Encounter (COMC Chapel) service today. We talked about the fact that staying faithful today is the key to figuring out what God has for us tomorrow. In 1 Samuel, you find that on the same day that David was anointed the next king of Israel, he was found in the fields tending the sheep and the goats. Probably not on the top of his desired vocation list. However, he was found being faithful in the job that was given to him.

For our MC students, tending the sheep and goats means pouring everything they have into this year at COMC. It means faithfully serving the ministries that they are involved with (even the ones they don’t like). Along the way…as their faithfulness is proven over and again…as they are tending the sheep and the goats, God will come along and “anoint them the next king of Israel” (give them their life calling).

It may not be fun today, but God has a purpose in every step of your life. Keep getting up and heading toward the field to take care of the sheep and the goats. Your time will come…

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